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Vision to Empower Over 10 Lakh Girl Child by 2030: BBG Foundation

Vision to Empower Over 10 Lakh Girl Child by 2030: BBG Foundation
The foundation strongly believes that the empowerment in education enables an individual to utilize young girls potentials for personal as well as national benefits
BBG Foundation has been striving to ensure the empowerment of girl child through education by providing necessary basic amenities in government primary schools. The foundation firmly believes that the empowerment of a daughter empowers the entire family, thus leading to the development of society.
The foundation’s vision is to empower a million girl child (elementary/primary schools) through education (initiatives of enrollment & retention) for their safe and secured future on or before 2030.
They had been collaborating with local community, expert organizations and governments, to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among girl child, and support them to grow up with the relevant life skills to succeed and also promote integrated and sustainable solutions for the overall development of girl children.
The foundations objective is to ensure girl child empowerment by accomplishing higher enrolment, high retention and academic excellence of the girls along with life skills at the elementary/primary school level. To enhance quality of life of the marginalized and less privileged in our society by addressing concerns of quality education for girl child. Providing education among the girl child will be an important tool in transforming the lives of vulnerable communities. BBG Foundation strongly emphasizes that “empowerment of one daughter means the empowerment of entire family”.
Mallikarjun Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of BBG India shares, “Our foremost milestone at BBG Foundation’s in co-creating the holistic development of girl child. We are currently in the process of empowering 20,000 girls across 100 schools. From now we dedicate our lives and business profits to the single minded purpose of empowering 1 million (10 lakh) girl children by the year 2030.”
The foundation is merely focused on girl child education they strongly believes that the commencement in education enables an individual to utilize her potentials for personal as well as national benefits. To ensure Girl child empowerment in the true sense, we have to build the scope and outreach for girls to make choices through quality education, life skills, capabilities, and self-esteem; help them develop equally. BBG Foundation abides by the aforesaid statement. The foundation has been giving utmost priority to girl child empowerment in all its activities.
Foundation assumes that Girl’s education assisted with excellent life skills helps them thrive in life. Considering all the dimensions of girl child empowerment, the foundation has come to a conclusion to work with girl education at the primary level.
Empowered girls can break the cycle of poverty for families around the globe; educated girls have healthier, better educated children and get a higher income which ultimately leads to strengthening national economies. We all know monetary wellbeing will settle the utmost issues of the mankind.
Investing in girls is one of the smartest, more prosperous worlds, more importantly it is the right thing to do. Every girl has right to be in charge of her future and her fate, and we have the collective obligation to protect her rights and promote her wellbeing. Hence BBG Foundation is trying to contribute its level best to girl child empowerment.
Empowerment of girl child with the help of education will bring about big change. BBG Foundation’s work with Government to provide survival, safety and quality education to the girl child can also make a big change. So that the foundation would like to align with the objectives of the Government are higher enrolment, high retention and academic excellence of the girls at primary education.
BBG (Building Blocks Group) has till now won the trust and faith of over 1 Lakh Happy Families including its esteemed customers, successful business associate brothers and sisters & employee colleagues across 15 cities, 7 States & 5 countries across the world aligned to its current year target of BBG Dream 2020 & long term purposiveness of BBG Mission 2030 & BBG Vision 2040.

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