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Empowering readers to discover additional choices to help in better decision-making, in his debut book – ‘The Yellow’, Ashwini Kukreja have weaved in his life’s experiences as a serial entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor. The book gives a unique perspective and summarizes a human being as a bundle of experiences that dissolve from pure white at birth to the Yellow shade. It is in this Yellow Quadrant that most of our life is spent. The Book suggests techniques to discover additional choices for better decision making, while being in the shade of Yellow. This easy to read, self-help narrative navigates the reader seamlessly to discover oneself.

The book is published by Notion Press and is also available on amazon.in.

Explaining the thought process of the book, Ashwini Kukreja said, “Our whole life from birth till now is responsible for the formation and evolution of our predominant nature. Various life events including parenting, schooling, friends, internet, everything influences our pure white innate, with which we were born, and tans it or converts it into a unique shade that defines us. Our unique nature controls our day to day behaviour. This decides how we react in different situations. So, if we are not happy with our current yellow, we should be able to switch to another yellow which works best for us.”

With most of the examples taken from author’s own life, the book builds on to offer simple exercises to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Speaking on the book, Dr. Swapna Patker, Psychologist, Counselor, Corporate Trainer, Co Cognitive Therapist (CBT) and Wellness Consultant, said, “The Yellow is an insight into how we conduct our everyday battles with decision making. Simple but complex thoughts, woven into close to heart stories by Ashwini Kukreja will open up the doors of possibilities and induce thought alterations in to the minds of the readers of this book.”

The Yellow Quadrant is human. The choices that one makes, while being there, would determine your relationships with your wealth, business teams, family, friends, etc. in fact, the entire outside world.

About The Author

Ashwini Kukreja, Founder & MD – Realtime IT Concepts Pvt Ltd, Founder – Yellowskill Consultancy.

A self-made entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in hard core sales and people management, Ashwini has created and grown many businesses. In addition to running a successful IT business, the author has created world’s first and only Video Based Psychometric Analysis Tests. He’s founded Yellowskill Consultancy, a company that is in the business of imparting Trainings to SMEs and Corporates, Life Coaching and Business Coaching to Individuals, and Companies. His qualifications are diverse from being a Computer Engineer to a Life Coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and now an Author. The assessment tools created by him are being used by many organisations, individuals and students.

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