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India bagged Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in 43rd World Sports Chanbara Championships in Tokyo


Hyderabad: India participated in the 43rd World Sports Chanbara Championships held in Tokyo, Japan on December 9th 2018. Sports Chanbara is a soft form of the Samurai sword where the players use an air soft sword instead of a real blade.  Team India was led by Founder and Coach Dr. Siddiq Mahmoodi, Captain Mohammed Shamsuddin Ahmed, VRS. Kumar, Anand Pendurker & Mir Mustafa Ali. More than 24 countries participated in this year’s championship.

The Indian team did exceptionally well & bagged 1 Gold ( Mohammed Shamsuddin), 1 silver (Mir Mustafa Ali), and 2 Bronze (Mohammed Shamsuddin). It’s indeed a proud moment for India.

Sports Chanbara is the soft form of Samurai Sword fighting. The sport chanbara or “Spochan” consists of a fight between two participants with equal or different weapons, free but with minimum rules. The “chanbara” is a form of Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of swords clashing in battle of samurai. To keep the spirit of Samurai alive, President of International Sports Chanbara Association, Mr Tetsundo Tanabe who hails from a Samurai clan introduced the soft form called Spochan which is safe and easily accessible.

The biggest event for the Sports Chanbara Association is The World Championships toward the harmony of the world and has been held 43 times till date.  The Olympic board, Tokyo has promised to incorporate Spochan in the 2020 Olympics which will further take this sport to greater heights & garner major recognition worldwide. This year more than 26 countries participated in the world championship held in Tokyo, Japan. Team India also participated & was represented by Renshi Prof. Dr.Siddiq Mahmoodi Shihan (Coach & Referee), Mr. Mohammed Shamsuddin Ahmed (Captain), VRS. Kumar, Anand Pendurker & Mir Mustafa Ali.

Results are as follows, Shamsuddin won the Gold medal where he competed in Short Sword (Kodachi) against Belarus, 1 Bronze in Long sword category (Choken) against Japan, and 1 bronze in double sword (Nito) against Japan. Mir Mustafa Ali won a bronze medal in shield & sword (Tate-Kodachi) category.

The Team Captain Shamsuddin has won many medals since 2007 which is when India got introduced to this sport. Both the coach and captain are amongst the esteemed 7 Samurais in India.

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