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BBG India’s Growth Story


BBG India’s Growth Story with a Vision to Achieve One Million Happy families by the Year 2030

In this modern world of creative and developed infrastructure, everyone has a dream of owning a living space – an elementary need. Especially in urban areas, there is a tremendous rise in population and accommodation for all those people is the real challenge. According to the World Bank, 34% of the Indian population resides in urban areas as of 2017.

On top of that, the price of land is also increasing so high that it becomes hard for middle-class people to own a piece of land in urban areas. Building Blocks Group is there to help make the dreams of owning a living space come true by providing affordable real estate services.

Since its inception over a decade back, BBG India has been constantly delivering sustainable real estate solutions through its purpose of empowering true wealth to Indians. Their vision and purpose are fueled by high ethical values, transparency, on-time delivery, growth, and integrity. The company is an ISO 9001 certified company along with CRISIL verified. BBG India has a global presence through their representative offices in the US, the UK, Australia, and the UAE.

Speaking on the current real estate growth opportunities, Mr. M.V. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of Building Blocks Group expressed that, “There is abundant growth opportunity in the Real Estate, especially plotting segment, as every Indian desire to have own property either for living purpose or expecting higher yield on the investment in a reasonable time frame, which drives BBG India as well.”

BBG India emphasizes on nurturing skills of its professionals who work with both passion and persistence in order to help people get their “dreamland”. BBG India is envisioned to help ten lakh customers by 2030 with better land investments that are affordable as well. At present, the company is working on its strategies to achieve this goal that is based on strong values.

BBG Bangaru Talli Charitable Trust is attributed to work in the path of gender equality and emphasizes on women empowerment. They believe in empowering one girl to empower the entire family.

In order to achieve this goal, BBG India dedicates a portion of its profit to rewarding girls and providing them with scholarships to foster encouragement for higher education.

Furthermore, BBG India also makes an initiative to help deprived sections as well. The company along with BBG Bangaru Talli Charitable Trust engages actively in various social causes and assists in providing a solution to them. It also prioritizes on education – the essential “building block” towards community development, that is included in its one of the CSR activities.

So far, Building Blocks Group and BBG Bangaru Talli Charitable Trust have supported many girl children and students by supporting them in various means. Every year, through its planned activities, it is supporting thousands of girl children and students.

According to the current status, trust has been successful in adopting approximately 10,000 girl children and 40 Govt.schools and by the year 2020, it has aimed at adoption of 100 Govt. Schools. This is a considerable effort towards making India a better place by nurturing its “building blocks”, that is, girl children who are the future of this great Nation. And, this is not the end, the visionaries of the Trust along with Building Blocks Group are envisioned to help 10,00,000 girl children by 2030.

BBG India offers high-quality real estate investment projects in the following places:
•    Shadnagar, Hyderabad
•    Yadadri, Hyderabad
•    Rajapet, Hyderabad
•    Sadasivpet, Hyderabad
•    Sangareddy, Hyderabad
•    Medchal, Hyderabad
•    Kadthal, Hyderabad
•    Bacharam, Hyderabad
•    Bhogapuram, Vizag
•    Kothavalasa, Vizag
•    Achutapuram, Vizag
•    Vijayanagaram
•    Rajamahendravaram

BBG India is a reliable and reputed real estate company that enables lay investors to achieve their dream of owning a plot or home. The company has an extensive presence in South India and they offer excellent investment opportunities and services to their clients. For their top-notch performance, BBG India has won many awards including the following:

•    The Golden Globe Tigers Award for Best Developer of the Year – Plots 2019
•    Best Developer of the Year – Plots 2018
•    Best Employer of the Year – 2018
•    Best CSR Initiatives of the Year – 2018
•    Best Developer of the Year – Plots 2017
•    The IAA gave the best “Gender Sensitive Advertisement” award to the “BBG-Twins” brand purpose ad.

The driving force behind these two Organisations is Mr. M.V. Mallikarjuna Reddy, who is a first-generation entrepreneur with passion towards the affordable land investment segment catering to low to mid earners; and also a philanthropist, striving to nurture the lives of Girl Children across the Project areas.

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