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BBG Foundation Joins Hand with Health Workers to Help People During COVID-19

BBG Foundation Joins Hand with Health Workers to Help People During COVID-19
BBG Foundation continues their services in distributing masks, sanitizers to 5164 vulnerable people across 45 villages and creating livelihood
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
BBG Foundation in the midst of the global pandemic continues its services to support & help people to be safe against the disease. The global pandemic is spreading its wings from the cities to villages at a much fast rate rather than the predictions.
BBG Foundation Collaborates with ANM, ASHA & anganwadi workers
BBG Foundation has taken a lead role in implementing the aforesaid practices. Among its activities are the distribution of masks and sanitizers, awareness programs regarding COVID-19 preventive measures, and sensitizing towards diet protocols. Children, elderly people, pregnant women, and lactate mothers are most vulnerable to get attacked by the disease; therefore the foundation is keenly supporting the above stated vulnerable groups.
BBG Foundation collaborating with ANM, ASHA workers & Anganwadi Teachers ensured their active participation in all the activities for long-lasting impact.
During the lockdown, many people lost their jobs. BBG Foundation has taken an innovative move towards creating livelihood to Self Help Groups (SHG) in the villages by ordering masks. The foundation is one such example that was able to create livelihood worth of Rs. 15,000 for the respective SHG members. Sri Anjaneyam Self Help Group (SHG) belonging to Sri Sai Village Organization (VO) was engaged for the masks stitching process.
As cited above to mitigate the pandemic in the rural community, the foundation donated masks and an adequate number of sanitizer bottles to vulnerable groups of children, elderly people, pregnant women, and lactate mothers across 45 villages. Providing sufficient sanitizers to about all Anganwadi centers would help to their beneficiaries to sanitize themselves while attending Anganwadi Centre level Activities. ANM sub-centers too were provided with the sanitizer bottles by the foundation. All together over 5146 beneficiaries availed these facilities.
The Foundation Chairman & Managing Director of BBG, Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy shares, “BBG has always believed ‘The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray,’ and the group takes part in various service events. It works to add value and give back to society. We presume contributing to helping society is an extension of our core practices.”
BBG believes Helth Is True Wealth for the people. “Through BBG Foundation we put our heart and soul, to ensure health for the needy people,” said Mr. Reddy.
BBG (Building Blocks Group) South India’s fastest growing plotted development developer (real estate) continues its operations with great responsibility in ensuring the safety of its customers, associates & employees by strictly following COVID-19 guidelines.

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