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BBG Charitable Trust Believes in the Right to Education for Every Girl Child.

HYDERABAD: Women and girls have proved their mettle everywhere in the world and, it happened only because of the right kind of opportunities and resources. On the other side, in our country, the majority of girls lack the facility of education, even though they have the complete right to it.

To solve this major problem, that holds an immense share in shaping the future of the country, Building Blocks Group (BBG) has been working to empower girls by providing education in schools.

The group believes that during childhood kids are like clay and can be moulded into great shapes, and education is the only right tool for it. Despite the talent and dedication, most of them do not even see the structure of a school but, if they are shown right path since the very beginning, nothing is unachievable, be it in science, arts or sports.

Building Blocks Group through their #BBG Bangaru Talli Charitable Trust (#BTCT) has been providing all sorts of education facility to over 5,000 girls studying at 31 schools in the surrounding villages of Shadnagar. The #trusthas been giving scholarships to all the girls to fulfil their dreams.

Building Block Group is also allocating some percentage of its profit to the BTCT as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (#CSR) to help girls get a good quality education. By doing this, the company is not only doing its CSR work but also trying to set an example for others and make more people do something for the education of girls.

Though the group is currently working towards facilitating education to 5,000 girls at Shadnagar, they aim to reach out to 20,000 girls in the schools by 2021. The motto of BBG is to educate every girl because they deserve it.


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