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Aster DM Healthcare Launches Comprehensive Post-Covid Care Package

  • Aster Recovery to Rehabilitation package is designed to bring Physical and Mental Wellbeing of patients enduring post Covid symptoms
  • The package is available at all the Aster DM Healthcare Hospitals in India

Hyderabad: Aster DM Healthcare, an emerging healthcare player in India, has launched a comprehensive Post-Covid care package to enable complete recovery and rehabilitation of Covid cured patients. Covid-19 takes a toll on physical and mental well-being, with many patients showing symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain/swelling, stress, etc. The Aster Recovery to Rehabilitation package aims at providing the required comprehensive medical & specialised care to such patients. The package will assist complete and quicker recovery of the patients and is designed considering all COVID patients from Mild to Severe cases. Patients can visit Aster Prime Hospital to avail the package in Hyderabad.

Various reports, including that of WHO, has shown that the typical recovery from Covid-19 can take 2-6 weeks. Many patients have shown symptoms that may even linger or recur for weeks or months following the initial recovery, and some may even develop lasting health effects.1 A study on survivors of SARS-CoV-1 infection published in Sleep Medicine revealed very high rates of clinically significant insomnia (20%), acute stress (15.8%), anxiety (18.5%), and depression (24.5%). The study reported post-traumatic stress disorder and a range of mental illnesses including increased suicidality in the months’ post-infection.2 Similar effects on Covid-19 recovered patient resulting from the period of hospitalisation, anxiety because of lockdowns cannot be ruled out. A complete recovery, therefore, brings a need for a comprehensive medical evaluation & specialized care and the package will work to this end.

The patients will undergo a primary evaluation and will be referred to super-specialists (Cardiology/ Pulmonology/ Psychiatrist/ Rheumatology) on the basis of condition and treatment required. The Primarily evaluation will include Physical Evaluation, Chronic Fatigue Assessment, and a Psychology Valuation. Further, Radiology & Laboratory Investigations (Inflammation, Cardiac, Pulmonary & General health) will be carried out along with a Consultation with the General Physician. They will be also handed a Diet & Physiotherapy Plan to assist them during the recovery.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Harish Pillai, CEO- Aster India said, “After recovering from Covid-19, many patients find themselves enduring the post Covid-19 symptoms. These symptoms mount a challenge in physical and mental well-being and may prevent the resumption of a normal healthy life. The package is designed while keeping in mind the various symptoms Covid-19 patients have displayed and will provide the needed care and assistance in their proper and faster recovery.”

Patients can avail of the package at any of the Aster DM Healthcare hospitals in India. The patient will be required to call at Aster DM Hospital and place an appointment for their health assessment under the package.

About Aster DM Healthcare Limited

Aster DM Healthcare Limited is one of the largest private healthcare service providers operating in multiple GCC states and is an emerging healthcare player in India. With an inherent emphasis on clinical excellence, we are one of the few entities in the world with a strong presence across primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary healthcare through our hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. We have over 20,000 plus dedicated employees across the geographies that we are present in, delivering a simple yet strong promise to our different stakeholders: “We’ll treat you well.” We reach out to all economic segments in the GCC states through our differentiated healthcare services across the “Aster”, “Medcare” and “Access” brands.



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