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Right Cars – Open Pre-owned Cars Showroom

Mr. Manideep Chowdary, Managing Director, Right Cars.

Right Cars to Spread Wings, Set to Open Pre-owned Cars Showroom in Miyapur

Right Cars has been in the pre-owned cars business for three years now and, the love and acceptance it has received gives the brand immense confidence to go big and spread its wings. Taking the first step towards realizing its Pan-India presence, Right Cars is now coming with its second facility, with its new showroom launch in Miyapur, on March 13. Our Miyapur Branch will be important to brand plans and, it is very confident that the customers will keep showering their love towards it for the quality services.

Right Cars understands the fears that a buyer goes through while purchasing a pre-owned car and sometimes he/she ends up buying a new one because of the lack of trust in pre-owned cars businesses. And, this is where Right Cars comes into the picture which seeks to address the issue by building a long term relationship with its customers rather than a one-time transaction.

To make the service convenient and trustworthy for the customers, we ask the customer to reach us out after they decided to buy a pre-owned car. They will have to apply for an appointment and, the rest will be taken care of by us. We ensure free of cost pickup and drop service,” says Mr. Manideep Chowdary, Managing Director, Right Cars.

The cars Right Cars sells are thoroughly inspected with 200+ Checkpoints making sure the customers have the DNA of the car they are buying and ensuring that they are aware of the situation under the hood in addition to the exterior looks.

What benefits do customers get?

  • Right Cars provides one-year warranty for every car they sell.
  • Pickup and drop with a 5 km area radius
  • The brand understands customers’ sensibilities and helps its customers with the easy finance options it has. Right Cars has tie-ups with multiple finance agencies which enables its customers to choose the best option that matches their calculations.
  • It has an elaborate yet simplified and hassle-free documentation process. It ensures that the customers easily upload most of their documents and can download the documents they require.
  • It also allows its customers to take a car for a short duration and give it back to them. Since its cars are thoroughly inspected, it will buy its cars back anytime it is needed.

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