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Mr. Sathyavikas Empati Founder and CEO of MammaCabs introducing a new brand called Ridelo with the young entrepreneurs Mr. T Harshavardhan Reddy as CEO at Ridelo and Mr. Varun Sham Kumar as COO at Ridelo whereas Mr. Sathyavikas Empati as founder of Ridelo.
Taxi services have become the new age staple for Indian consumers, just like food delivery aggregators. The growth in this segment has lead to the birth of multiple taxi booking applications. As a direct result of this, consumers are usually left toggling between apps for getting the best of factors like fastest ETA, price, standard of vehicle and so on. This entire process is very cumbersome, confusing and lot of times ends up with double bookings, cancellation charges etc.
Is there a way to make all of this easier? Absolutely yes!
Ridelo’s team has come up with a solution to this by creating a single application which lets the customers compare and choose from a wide range of taxi service providers in the market which helps users select the one that best fits their needs?
Ridelo helps with selection of the type of service they are looking for, and check all their options and compare which service provider offers the best price, faster ETA and also can check the details of the services and offers provided.
Ridelo offers services for local as well as outstation transport, and of course the airport services. Not to miss the rental options.
This helps the users to select the category of their preference. This revolutionary provider offers variety of services that also includes bikes, autos apart from a wide range of cabs.
Ridelo has simplified and created an all in one platform for its users enabling them a have everything on one simple and easy platform.
The team at Ridelo understands that a segment of the taxi market is not very well versed with technology and hence has come up with a user friendly application. They understand how important it is to be reachable to the entire customer base.
Thus, you can now take a ride through just one tap on a single app!
Also, the reassuring news is the support of Mr. M Srinivasa Babu, the director of Perk-Inn International Limited who has come forward to fund them in an pre-seed round, only to encourage the these young entrepreneurs on this very promising application – Ridelo!

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