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3MARK SERVICES is a leading Public Relation firm in the Southern states of India and also amongst the most re-known PR firms of India. Though our expertise has grown in depth and breadth, PR is still at the heart of our approach to integrated communications. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ businesses — stimulating and managing dialogue to deliver your brand’s messaging and thought leadership through a range of channels. Our comprehensive media relations program engages top-tier publications, major broadcast networks, and influential trade outlets to get your message heard. At 3Mark Services we pay emphasis on building a profound and vying image of our business clients. 3Mark Services enables our business patrons realize when, where and how to make their presence felt.

3Mark Services is in the field of Public Relations since more than a decade and have been catering to national and international clients. At 3Mark Services, we employ the use of effective communication and experience that significantly assists in making your voice heard.

Professional team at 3Mark Services we have a team of professionals which has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of Public Relations and Advertising and is known for their innovative thinking and brighter out of the box ideas to develop and build the powerful image of our client.


Media relations involves actually relating to media, which requires understanding who is writing what, when and how you can fit into their cadence of storytelling.

As a PR firm, we are focused on both creating and uncovering opportunities for our clients to be part of their target media’s news cycles, delivering meaningful media coverage that can be leveraged for business value. From contributed content to product reviews, data reports and competitor news jacking, we work tirelessly to create value each month for our clients.

With core media relationships in lifestyle, business and technology media, we also secure coverage to gain visibility for our clients in their target verticals each month, like healthcare, IT, marketing, education, security, IoT, legal, HR and retail.


To us, thought leadership means not only participating in conversations, but actually leading them in mainstream, local and industry media read by potential customers, investors and influencers. We sculpt thought leadership and executive visibility programs that focus on sharing your brand’s unique point of view.

From IT to healthcare and from business to lifestyle, we know how to position our clients as industry experts. Creating a strategy that includes media coverage, speaking opportunities and analyst relations can ultimately raise the visibility of a leadership team, increase client retention, and be used by internal sales teams to create credibility among prospects.


We don’t just create content. We create impact. In an era when sending a message to the world is as easy as reaching for your smartphone, we believe the importance of impactful content cannot be understated.

The strategic content we develop for our clients is just as important as where the content is ultimately published. Whether it is a social post, bylined article, blog post, ebook or video, we never stop asking ourselves: “Is this impactful?” Meaning, does the content resonate with potential customers, employees or investors of our clients?

Event Organizer - 3 Mark Services


We understand how important live, face-to-face events are to building a truly integrated strategy. Our marketing and communications experts work to plan and program seminars and events that engage the public, the press and other businesses. We develop customized speeches intended to be delivered in the voice of your key stakeholders, and we also create event collateral and branding intended to take advantage of every marketing opportunity live at the event.

Celebrity Management by 3 Mark Services


As a Celebrity Management company, we take care of every aspect of any event involving a celebrity, be it celebrity performance, guest appearance, brand endorsement, celebrity shoot, media brief or a promotional tour. We represent Actors, Actresses, Hosts, Artists and Models in the vast spectrum of Film, Television, Commercials, Voiceovers, Music, Appearances and Print.


Social media allows brands to connect with their audiences in more personalized and authentic ways. We are experts in strengthening those connections through customized content strategies, community management, influencer relationship building and in-house generation of viral content. We layer in our robust measurement and analytics package to track performance across all active social platforms in order to demonstrate tangible business results.


The famous quote from Warren Buffet, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” could not ring more true in the era of the 24-hour, “always on” news cycle, fueled by social media. Our experienced crisis management team will develop a strategy for dealing with crisis and mitigating risks to your brand’s reputation. By creating and implementing crisis communication plans, we’ve successfully managed the industry’s toughest issues. So when faced with a crisis, you feel confident and secure every step of the way.