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Love for Urdu brings Hyderabad together

Hyderabad, 24th February, 2019: Hyderabad, the city of Nizams is looking upon the youth or the present generation to be a suitable heir to preserve and expand its treasure of Sufi Poetry, Songs and Mushairas. There are several known personalities or candidates, but a suitable heir is somewhat missing, because we rarely know about them.

3Mark Services tried to preserve our roots, culture in the era of technology and western culture. We all know that, “Urdu is the language of love; Urdu encompasses much more than a mere language. It epitomises an entire culture, a particular Tehzeeb”. They took a step towards reminding everyone about their roots and culture by organising a mushaira “Ek Safar: Raah Aisi Jo Dakhini Tehzeeb Se Milaye” on 24th February, 2019 at Taramati Baradari from 6pm to 9pm. On this evening, everyone experienced a different vibe in the ancient atmosphere of traditional Mushaira. As the name stated, “Ek Safar: Raah Aisi Jo Dakhini Tehzeeb Se Milaye…” and it did justice to its title as it was a beautiful, soulful and peaceful journey which helped everyone to know more about tehzeeb through Urdu Shayaris.  They also gave tribute to all the Army and CRPF jawans through their poetry.

T. Viswanath – Senior Commandant, CRPF; Lt. Col. A.K. Dagur, Lt. Col. Gautam Kapoor; Lt. Col. Mandeep Singh; Mrs. Raksha Singh – Hindi Professor, Roots College were the VIP’s of the event. Mr. T. Viswanath gave a small yet impressive and powerful speech about Pulwama Attack. He said “14th February, 2019 was a black day for India. Events like Ek Safar should be held more as words are more powerful than a bullet and what’s best than a poetry to deliver your words.”

3MARK SERVICES is a Hyderabad-based event management company and public relations firm operating in a phenomenal manner since a decade. We are now one of the Leading Event Management companies and the go to choice for any event requirement. We started organising our own events to give platform to unheard young talent of Hyderabad. We all know that not every shayar gets to perform at national platforms. A vast majority of them is still struggling behind the stage, looking for an audience and a real opportunity and we gave them an opportunity to showcase their talent. We were grateful to present you our 8 young new and talented shayars and our 2 guest shayars:

  • Janab Faiz,
  • Janab Zakriya Zaki,
  • Mohatarma Soumya Venkatesh,
  • Mohatarma Srujana Satya,
  • Janab Riasath Ali Asrar
  • Janab Inaam Azmi,
  • Janab Umar Siddiqui
  • Janab Shaikh Nouman
  • Mohatarma Khushi Singh
  • Janab Tajammul Gulrez

They all were there for you to get again in touch with the Urdu Shayari. We celebrated the art of Urdu Shayaris. They all had a distinct following that ascribed their thought and writing style.

This evening honoured its tradition of Urdu’s eclectic art forms and its heritage through Shayari. Traditional connoisseurs of poetry might not even consider this as poetry; but it’s essential to incorporate it because not only their views but also the contours of their art need a platform to be showcased. Poetry unites cultures. It empowers us to serve our beautiful language. We want to present the diversity in the practice of Urdu verse and its now global richness. It was a small contribution to our society, culture from us.

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