3Mark Services


3MARK SERVICES is a Hyderabad-based public relations firm operating in a phenomenal manner since a decade. Our core functions include practices in corporate reputation, effective and efficient public relations, celebrity management, image buildings etc.

As one of the leading PR firms of India, which prides itself and also by achieving the goals set by our clients; we thank our colleagues in the industry for recognizing our efforts and giving us the opportunity to serve them.

Our public relations services are based on the idea of “Effective and Efficient PR”. That means using any form of communication, which will help your business to thrive and flourish. At its heart, effective PR is about taking advantage of the countless communication and means of expressing the opportunities in today’s world that enables people to start thinking, talking and having a desirous perspective about your business.

3Mark Services is known for innovative strategies & ideas apart from that we provide beneficial solutions to our clients to build a strong image in the competitive business world.



3Mark Services bring together the right team with the relevant specialist skills to deliver best results. We don’t believe in designations but in being humble, being teachable and always keep learning. Oh, and just to mention we are jolly nice too.


Sameer Sheikh

Great things never come from comfort zones.

“A company started with literally nothing but a laptop, an internet dongle and a lot of courage in a small room, which is now a very well known name in, I could say, the whole country. All thanks to my past experiences and team efforts. PR and marketing is a valuable skill. Not everyone can do it. With over years of experience in the space of media and public relations, I have come across clients from different sectors such as corporate, lifestyle, political, start-ups and many more, ensuring each client benefits from the greatest possible return on investment.”


Isa H.

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

“Here’s a secret to happy life, sometimes you should bring the passion in what you do which, I believe, is better than finding your own passion. I see my work as a place I really enjoy going, where I can work on things that are important, and then feel valued for doing that work. I make sure that all necessary systems and processes are in place so that our clients understand exactly how we work, and what we achieve on their behalf. From meeting new people to meeting new challenges at work, PR has helped me find my own personality.”


Shahbaz Hussain

If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become.

“The reason for choosing PR as a profession is that I think PR industry is booming big time. Today almost every celebrity, star or a socialite has a PR who not only looks after their work as a manager but also promotes them in whichever way. However, I find this profession very challenging where you have regular deadlines and there’s no limit to anything – what to do and how to do. You just have to keep going with the flow and explore as much as you can.”


Neelam Sharma

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

“Being keen about the day-to-day occurring around, I ended up with a desire of becoming a part of this media world. And when you got an aim then you have to be the best at each aspect of the field you have chosen. Public Relations is one thing which is involved in each and every angle of the world of media. Learning new things, meeting people and staying up to date, all can be experienced here.”


Vinitha Swaraj

Good planning helps to make dreams come true.

“I always admired the job of an event planner. But at the same time, it’s not easy to be one. There’s always a new challenge every day. One must be physically fit and emotionally strong, maintaining a good spirit even when things go wrong. Events can be very stressful but once you feel the joy of success then you get committed to creating the best events that you possibly can.”


Sanjay Babu

Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.

“Through communication in different ways organizations want to establish, develop and maintain a positive relationship with media. This is just a basic definition of public relation but in fact it is much more challenging to really define and practice public relations. Since public relation agencies are the one who do the actual communication.”


Shyama R

The profession that you choose to become a part of, becomes a part of you.

“I have always admired this old adage. Right since the time of an adolescent, I have admired the science behind communication; because, communication is the only way to reach out to people, in walk of life to achieve an objective. Having conviction in my affirmed beliefs, I chose to study Mass Communication and pursue a career in Public Relations to attain self imposed yardsticks to cater to a strategically interconnected market of- Clients, the various kinds of media and an innovative approach, built of the strength of the various sensibilities and nuances of Communication as a form of ‘Science’ to reach out to a more commercial clientele, while being able to prove a point and deliver.


Tapasmita Dalapati

Love what you do..

Nothing is more precious than love and satisfaction on what you are doing. It’s more important that one should love what she/he is doing. It’s my pleasure to work in such a platform where I can work with my heart and soul. Where I can live my dreams. Where I can learn more and more. Today I feel really lucky and more happy that I am working in PR and Event Management  company and even more grateful for working with such an amazing people around.